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  • mye**** posted at 2/9/2024
    content of my comment
  • momos***** posted at 1/13/2024
    Food was great tonight... Ordered 1 fountain drink... Owner came to our table to tell me we are not supposed to share our drink. She told me it is not a buffet.  How come si this possible???  How do you dare to come to someone's table to tell them DO NOT SHARE DRINKS... !   Is a fountain drink. How can you lost a customer for something that a customer already paid ?????????  So stupid.  She basically ruined everything. Food was great... So sorry for her.
  • wqg*** posted at 10/17/2023
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  • Crymz***** posted at 8/30/2023
    First time trying this place, and the food was so good! We ordered online for pickup, and the food was both ready on time, and hot like it was fresh off the stove! We will definitely be going back!
  • reneed****** posted at 5/23/2023
    we order often, but each time we order something that has veggies listed, no veggies are there... also upgraded/paid more for fried rice and got rice with soy to make it brown, not fried rice like when you order a fried rice dish. 
  • ctsb***** posted at 2/18/2023
    Second time eating here today. Was in restaurant in June and quite happy with food and portions. Tonight service was fast food was good but not happy at all with portions. 3 main dishes that I order white rice with two. Would I have got a bigger portion without the extended free white rice. Deluxe fried rice portion only half of what I expected. 3 dishes 1 appetizer 50.00 US dollars. 65 Canadian. To much for to little 
  • jan**** posted at 1/9/2023
    we are neighbors and regulars. We recommend you  guys all the time. But to be honest it seems somethings changed. I didn't leave a comment last time, felt it was a "unicorn" but the 3rd times the charm, has there been changes in management? change in suppliers or quality? I hope everything is ok. cant wait for things to get closer to normal for all of us soon!
  • jeebu****** posted at 11/5/2022
    Last 2 orders a few written details have been missed. This time not even Sweet and Sour sauce with the egg roll order. Food is good, just slippn a bit, $70 order...
  • ande***** posted at 9/28/2022
    Some of the finest Chinese food you will find  anywhere.
  • jmarti******* posted at 7/23/2022
    pls add more back milk tea flavors??love your food
  • frijo****** posted at 7/13/2022
    Was not pleased with paying $60 for lunch specials when in fact didn't order the lunch specials. Will not be ordering again and continue with our usual Tsing Tao! Farther, but great food and prices.
  • htv*** posted at 7/2/2022
    I love your food, came in tonight got togo, but no fork or anything. not even chop sticks, if it my problem to get these then please tell me. God damn it am eating with my fingers now!
  • danpa***** posted at 6/8/2021
    Put King Soy Noodles on Menu
  • tanzi****** posted at 4/12/2021
    food was good but it was wrong  i ordered  fried rice and got brown our soup spilled in the bag :(   I was trying to email you could not find one  YES will order again for sure but will db l check order
  • pattis****** posted at 4/7/2021
    What time will order be here
  • karabl****** posted at 11/1/2020
    Egg drop soup
  • rwde**** posted at 10/21/2020
    Ordered from these guys three weeks ago and the food was excellent. Decided to come back for another try and its not a fluke. This place is great
  • indy**** posted at 9/23/2020
    We ordered from here tonight and it was about the best Chinese food I've ever had!  I had the General Tso's chicken and my husband had the House Special Fried Rice.  I HIGHLY recommend this place. We will be regular customers from now on!
  • tee**** posted at 9/12/2020
    Great dinner. Ordered and had delivered. Awesome flavor ,plenty of condiments and great driver delivery person ??yum !!!
  • brando******* posted at 2/11/2020
    May I use the coupon that I got in the mail online with delivery?