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  • Well, besides the mixup tonight with our food being delivered to the wrong house, I had ordered fried rice with the sweet and sour chicken instead of steamed rice. I didn’t get it. 
    I’ve never had a problem ordering from you guys, tonight must have been an off night. 
    aprilpat******** posted at 8/6/2021
  • Put King Soy Noodles on Menu
    danpa***** posted at 6/8/2021
  • Missing a rice  and my food was spilled all in the bag :// won’t be ordering anymore at this rate 
    vickq****** posted at 5/2/2021
  • food was good but it was wrong  i ordered  fried rice and got brown our soup spilled in the bag :(   I was trying to email you could not find one  YES will order again for sure but will db l check order
    tanzi****** posted at 4/12/2021
  • What time will order be here
    pattis****** posted at 4/7/2021
  • Quality of food has gone significantly worse. Don’t charge extra for chicken fried rice when you are just gonna put soy sauce on white rice and call it even. I have been coming to this location because the food was amazing but lately make me rethink it. I was owed credit from last time they forgot my egg rolls and was never given it again. I wish to speak to someone in charge that will actually listen. This is getting ridiculous 
    nell**** posted at 11/29/2020
  • Egg drop soup
    karabl****** posted at 11/1/2020
  • I called to complain about my soup having soap in it and I got nothing but rude attitude a person that refused to let me speak to a manager didn't have the manager available for me and was not going to bring me my food to replace my food told me that it would just taste the same and it why would I want it anyway
    karabl****** posted at 11/1/2020
  • Ordered from these guys three weeks ago and the food was excellent. Decided to come back for another try and its not a fluke. This place is great
    rwde**** posted at 10/21/2020
  • We ordered from here tonight and it was about the best Chinese food I've ever had!  I had the General Tso's chicken and my husband had the House Special Fried Rice.  I HIGHLY recommend this place. We will be regular customers from now on!
    indy**** posted at 9/23/2020
  • Great dinner. Ordered and had delivered. Awesome flavor ,plenty of condiments and great driver delivery person ??yum !!!
    tee**** posted at 9/12/2020
  • We ordered from here because of the 4.8 star rating from 500+ customers, but Big disappointment with Big Bowl.  Ordered “crispy” potstickers but they were soggy.  Ordered Lo Mein and Fried rice but got neither.  We also asked for white and brown rice but couldn’t even tell which was which.  The teriyaki chicken was ok, as was the chicken with green beans.  Not stellar and we won’t order from here again.
    jeri****@gmail.cim posted at 9/7/2020
  • Are youlosed for everything now?  Doyou know when you will open forbtake out?
    bcze**** posted at 4/17/2020
  • May I use the coupon that I got in the mail online with delivery?
    brando******* posted at 2/11/2020
  • I love this place! Been there several times and everything I've ordered has been great. Plus each entree has enough food for 2 meals so I always take food home with me :-) 
    Miche***** posted at 1/17/2020
  • I ordered 2 orders of seasame chicken from you last night and it had a very bad burn taste to it. 
    malon***** posted at 11/27/2019
  • this place its amazing their food its super good. 
    0819**** posted at 4/26/2019
  • Wow!  Good Lo Mein!
    samdal*******@gmail,com posted at 3/22/2019
  • How many people does your catering menu serve on appetizers and entrees ? What size trays are you using for entrees? Not sure I understand the lo menu / rice  what is the difference please?  Thank you 
    ndtjd***** posted at 2/23/2019
  • I just from Cali .. I'm trying this place for the first time and is great food ... Thank yoi
    f.ho***** posted at 12/23/2018